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slush machine hire in darwin frozen cocktail equals slush. slush equals cool. get slushed. be cool.

Get Slushed makes celebrating a lot more fun and a lot less work. Our frozen cocktail machines make perfect cocktails (or mocktails) with absolutely no fuss. They are the perfect complement for any special occasion - birthdays, engagements, weddings, bucks' or hens' nights, children's parties, sports events ... any special event at all.

It really couldn't be simpler. You hire a Get Slushed machine and choose your flavours. We can even tailor special flavours for you if required. Machine hire includes delivery, collection and cleaning. We supply your choice of flavour bases to which you simply add alcohol to create perfect cocktails. Or add nothing for perfect mocktails. See our range of flavours for drinks for children's parties. All our flavour mixes are 99% pure fruit. We also offer a range of flavours for non-alcoholic drinks for children that are completely free of artificial colours, flavours and additives.


get slushed

flavoursremember we can create a custom flavour for you if required

sex on the beach
Wild cocktail, with all the sensual flavours including orange, peach and cranberry. Mmmm.

red viagra blue
Stay up all night with this electrifying mix of lemonade, orange and red bull flavour.

strawberry daiquiri         
A standard in the daiquiri biz! We make ours with real strawberries. Always a favourite and a real must.

A trio of fruit. Strawberry, orange and papaya with pineapple juice. Spins anti-clockwise in the glass!

melon splice

A delicious blend of melon, lime, pineapple juice and ice cream.

Let your imagination run wild with this fantasy drawn from honeydew melon, pineapple and lime.

razz bull
I looked at the bull. The bull looked at me. You know the bull's better looking than me? Made with Raspberry. It's scary.

A south of the border treat! Made with fresh lemon and lime.

fruit tingle
A favourite with a tingle. Tastes like a banana, orange, raspberry and lime lifesaver.

mango daiquiri
As good as it gets ... a classic made with fantastic Territory mangos.

coyote ugly
Fresh mangos and passion fruit … who could ask for more? Perfect on a warm summer night.

blue Hawaii
Create your own tropical party with lemon, lime, orange and pineapple juice and a twist of grapefruit. Aloha baby!!!

Sit back & relax with a sunrise. Made with fresh Valencia orange juice, lime and raspberry.

attitude improvement

A refreshing burst of attitude built on orange juice, pineapple and tropical punch


Delicious mix based on cranberry and lime juice. A little bit sophisticated. And oh so cool.



kid's parties

We offer a range of flavours for non-alcoholic drinks that are perfect for children's parties. These flavours are always hugely popular with the kids, and they contain NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS, FLAVOURS OR ADDITIVES.











two bowl machineMachine hire includes delivery and pickup within the Darwin/Palmerston metropolitan area and machine cleaning. Total cost for a double bowl machine is $220 (exclusive of GST) per night. Flavour bottles are $35 per bottle. Contact us to discuss delivery and pickup arrangements if you are further afield.

You provide the glasses, a power source, a sturdy table or bench (glass or plastic tables are not suitable due to the weight of the machine), and the alcohol. We deliver the machine at least 3 hours before the event starts to give the mix time to freeze. Our double bowl machines provide over 20 litres of frozen cocktail - enough for at least 100 drinks at 200ml per drink. Our recommended alcohol components produce drinks at around 5% to 6% alcohol - similar to full strength beer.

You can order extra flavour bases - enough to make up a further 10 litres of cocktail base is $35 (remember you must supply the alcohol content).


frequently asked questionsthese are the things we are asked about most often. contact us if your question isn't covered here.

Q. What do we get when we hire from Get Slushed?
A. In addition to great customer service, all of our hires include the machine, base mixture, delivery, pick up and cleaning.

Q. Does the machine hire include alcohol?
A. No. We will provide you with details about the maximum recommended alchohol content. Our recommend alcohol amounts will result in drinks of approximately 5%-6% alcoholic content (equal to a full strength beer).

Q. How many drinks do we get from your machines?
A.Of course, this will depend on the size of your glasses. Our 2 bowl machine provides you with approximately 100-120 x 200ml drinks. Using larger glasses will result in less drinks.

Q. How long does the slush machine take to freeze?
A. It can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the machine placement and ambient temperature. We recommend you allow 3 hours to ensure the cocktails are ready when your party guests arrive.

Q. Are the frozen cocktail machines easy to use?
A. Yes! On delivery we will show you how to operate the machine, however if you have any questions during your party, you can call us for further clarification.

Q. Where does the machine go when you deliver it?
A. You need to supply a solid bench or table capable of supporting 100kg (plastic or glass tables are not suitable). The machine needs to be placed out of direct sunlight, wind and rain. On hot days the machine will work best if placed indoors. You will also need to have access to a power point or an extension cord.

Q. Does Get Slushed Frozen Cocktails cater for kid's parties?
A. Definitely. We have a range of non-alcoholic mocktails that are perfect for kids' parties or any other function where non-alcoholic beverages are required. All of our cocktail mixes taste great with or without alcohol. See our kid's parties page for further details.

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